Your friends probably have more friends than you do. It's the mind blowing premise you can read about here, here and here. In addition, here's a little youtube video explaining the gist of how this is possible.

The paradox might apply to most people, but how can I tell if it applies to someone in particular? Does it apply to me? With the miracle of the internet- it's actually pretty easy to tell. I reckon the Facebook friends page is a pretty good sense of how many 'friends I have'. So with a little scipting and a little data massaging in python, I was able to piece together that most of my friends do in fact have more friends than I do. But it's close; only around 51% of my friends have more friends than I do. Here's the plot showing where I fall on the friend count distribution of my friends:

Distribution of Friends

and graphically, here's how many friends my friends have by size of the nodes. I'm the little red node in the middle:


I ran the script for mom and she ended up being 68th percentile for friend count in her friend group. It's a weird feeling being less cool than your mom. Let me know what you think in the comments below.