Reddit's new April fools, isn't really an April fools and more of a feature.

It's like an IRC chat in browser, where users are given the option to grow, stay, or abandon. When the voting time is up- if the majority is stay, then the chat will turn into a subreddit; if the majority is abandon, the chat is dissolved; and if the majority is grow, the group will be merged with another group.

I wrote a pretty simple plugin that hooks into the websocket events and records all this data. You can find that, and the python to make the following charts here

Here's how people casted their ballots in a 500 something group chat:

Cumulative Distribution

Here's the message count over that same time:

Cumulative Messages

and here's who was posting:

Pie Chart

As you can see, /u/John_Madden_* takes the cake for most prolific user. That's because they're a spam bot! It'll be interesting to see how large the chats finally become, and whether anything will be done to address the bot issue.